About us:

We are going to notify that we are preparing an E-commerce-classified commercial website and Android Mobile Application for maximum and simple uses of information technology. This is a type of classified E-Commerce and Business to Business (B 2 B) online marketplace. In this process, Producers and Importers can keep(Post) their own items (Products) on online and retailers can directly contact to producers and Importers to trade purchase and sale on own process. Some goods are being sold on special rebate by using online Payment Method. The www.biztray.com will provide new information and different located market and products to the world.

We provide two types of Memberships:

1. Free Users:

These types of users can make their user ID for FREE through the web site or Mobile Application. By this way keep (Post) their business connected goods or Products directly through website or Mobile Application. If anyone wants to purchase through this type of users, He/She will be consulted to the company automatically. www.biztray.com will provide those goods to purchasers.

2. Premium Users (Biztray Partners)

These type of users can keep(Post) their goods or imported items on this website and can sell the goods online Directly to the consumers. These users can post their own goods direct to consumers with their own business & Contact address, then the Consumers have a right to contact directly with the premium users. To be this type of user have to pay an annual fee and to consult with "Biztrade Group of Company Pvt. Ltd." and these type of users are called BizTray Partners.

Income Generate Program on www.biztray.com

On this Classified E-commerce website users will Post their goods or products Online on www.biztray.com, according to post, the company will be deposited NRs. 5/- per post on their user's account. If the deposited amount will be worth NRs. 1000/- (One Thousand) they can consult to the Company for Payments, then the company will be paid amount through cheque.

On this way, Users can increase their own online business through www.biztray.com and we think small scale producers/sellers will gain extra income. For this process, users have to become a premium user is necessary.

What type of Commodities / Goods and Items post?

- Those goods which are not banned to sell and purchase by the Local Government:

e.g. Antique, Herbs, Real-Estate, Handicrafts, Auto Mobiles, Bike, Mobile Phones, Computer, Laptop, Household appliances, Freeze, TV, Watch, Printer, Shoes, Agriculture Equipment & Products, Machinery Parts, Secondhand goods and Many more....

Note: Handicrafts, Carpet, Woodcraft, Thanka's, Leaf Plates, Mini Statue, Idol-Decorative good, Bamboo Baskets, Handmade cap and shawl. These goods are made by human handwork. The makers of these goods are: Handicapped, escaped, and disable person, Single and old women (Mothers). If been purchased any products from this website they will encourage and co-operated with kindness deed.